Mexican Military UFO Sighting

by Joe Taylor

February 13, 2011 04:00 PM ET

Mexico UFO Sighting - Mexican Military Photos

Mexico Air Force UFO Encounter

On March 05, 2004, The Mexican Air Force witnessed 11 flying objects flying along side of them during an air patrol of a drug smuggling. The eleven UFO (unidentified flying objects) could only be seen through the military plane's dome mounted IR-system (infrared), and could not be seen with the naked eye. Neither the crew, nor ground personnel could see the craft with radar. Skeptics have dismissed this as oil platform burn-off flares, but the Mexican military stated that the elevation of the lights was clocked at a higher altitude than theirs. Also, the Mexican Air Force stated they were chasing something, and it disappeared right as the lights appeared. This is a very significant event, mainly because it's the first time a government encounter has come forth publicly. This could be the start of a movement to force the U.S. to come center stage with their findings.

(Fox News Video)

11 UFO's Caught on Camera by Mexico Air Force

Shepard Smith interviews Stephen Bassett

Shepard (left) Bassett (right)

Shepard Smith Stephen Basset

Fox News Transcript

(Shepard Smith) Mexican Air Force Pilots capturing on video tape what are said to be eleven, count them, eleven UFO's; Unidentified Flying Objects. They are officially that. Bright objects, some sharp points of light moving quickly across the sky. The tape called historic by some. Members of the Mexican Defense Department saying "It's the first time UFO's have had the backing of any country's armed forces." Now, a group of activists calling on the United States government to end what it says is an embargo on the truth about extraterrestrial life. What is that thing on your screen? With us now from Washington is Stephen Bassett, founder and executive director of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee. Last time he was here he was running for Congress...was unsuccessful in that venture, but I will ask you today sir, The Mexican Government, the Mexican Military says hey, we took these pictures, these are UFO's. What was that? Do you know?

(Stephen Bassett) This is significant for two reasons, um Shepard. One, this was released by the Defense Ministry of Mexico. This is a message being sent to the United States government, that Mexico and many other governments are losing patience with our government's intransigents in ending this embargo. Other messages have been sent by France. In 1999, with the COMETA Report. And by the United Kingdom when they released a substantial number of documents regarding the Bentwaters case in 2000. Many countries know about the extraterrestrial presence but they've deferred to the United States with regard to the timing of when the disclosure would take place.

(Shepard Smith) How do we know this by the way?

(Stephen Bassett) Well, we know it by paying attention. I've been following this now for 10 years. We call it the politics of disclosure; The disclosure process. Hundreds of government witnesses in this country have come forward. And other governments are putting pressure on our government. The media hasn't covered it thoroughly enough Shepard. If it did, it would learn about some of the things I'm mentioning here. And also learn about 1000's of other videos and photographs that have been taken over Mexico by Mexican citizens since 1991.

(Shepard Smith) There's absolutely no question about that, and his number 1000's is accurate since 1991, 1000's of pictures and video tapes of disks, but never anything like this, taken by such sophisticated cameras onboard military vehicles.

(Stephen Bassett) Oh there's been plenty of...of

(Shepard Smith) But not, not as clear and widespread as this and government confirmed in this way. I'm just saying that these are unusual.

(Stephen Bassett) Oh no, its happened many times before but this is the first time its been released. Believe me, there is evidence like this in the archives of every major first world government in the country. But they released this publicly in a news conference in Mexico City. That's the difference.

(Shepard Smith) Studies have been done that quote "clearly indicate the likelihood of an extraterrestrial explanation" but there are people sitting out there. I'm hoping there are millions of people watching at the moment. Who are saying, this is nutty. Why do we even talk about such things?

(Stephen Bassett) The polls show otherwise Shepard. CNN, Times, Reuter polls, last 10 years, consistently, 50 percent of all Americans believe the extraterrestrial explanation accounts for these sightings. Up to as many as 90% of Americans believe the government is outright lying. The polls are unambiguous. Year after year, the same thing. In fact, if you could talk anonymously to people, even in Congress, probably 50% of members of Congress already confirmed, convinced of the extraterrestrial presence, explains this phenomena. Disclosure is at hand. It is very close, and the American people need to prepare them self, very soon, for an announcement that there is in fact an extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet and the human race.

(Shepard Smith) Alright, well there you have it. Very interesting. Thank you. We'll try to find out more about the lights, and uh next time there's a congressman around I'll ask him. Probably not on the camera, but I'll ask him off the camera. So, there's something to feed on.

Mexican Air Force UFO Sureveillance Footage (Video)

(Mexico UFO Video)

Above is the official video captured by the Mexican Air Force's infrared camera. The taped color version was later revealed at a Mexico City news conference.