La Bamba Lyrics (Translation) Spanish to English

by Joe Taylor

October 14, 2014 08:07 PM ET

Ever wonder what the La Bamba lyrics actually mean? Well I did, and after doing a little bit of research I stumbled into a few sites discussing the song. The original song was said to be the name of a dance, which has no direct English translation, and is presumably connected with the Spanish verb bambolear, meaning "to shake" or perhaps "to stomp". Translations around the web are controversial, but this is the best translation I could find. See the debated Spanish to English translation below. (Not Verified)

La Bamba Movie Video (Lou Diamond Phillips as Ritchie Valens)

La Bamba Lyrics (Spanish)

  1. Para bailar la bamba
  2. Para bailar la bamba
  3. Se necesita una poca de gracia
  4. Una poca de gracia para mi para ti
  5. Arriba y arriba
  6. Arriba y arriba
  7. Por ti seré
  8. Por ti seré
  9. Yo no soy marinero
  10. Yo no soy marinero
  11. Soy capitán
  12. Soy capitán
  13. Soy capitán
  14. Bamba, bamba
  15. Bamba, bamba
  16. Bamba, bamba, bam.

La Bamba Lyrics (Translation to English)

  1. To dance La Bamba
  2. To dance La Bamba
  3. It takes a little bit of grace.
  4. A little bit of grace for me, for you
  5. Ah! Up and up.
  6. And up and up and up I'll go and faster
  7. I'll be for you
  8. I'll be for you
  9. I'm not a sailor
  10. I'm not a sailor
  11. I am captain
  12. I am captain
  13. I am captain
  14. Bamba, bamba
  15. Bamba, bamba
  16. Bamba, bamba, bam.